» » Various - Легенды Poka Volume 35 (Art Rock)

Various - Легенды Poka Volume 35 (Art Rock) Mp3

  • Performer: Various
  • Album: Легенды Poka Volume 35 (Art Rock)
  • Label: ООО "Комета"
  • Catalog #: G64782
  • MP3: 1656 mb | FLAC: 1660 mb
  • Released: 2005
  • Country: Russia
  • Style: Art Rock
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Votes: 558
  • Category: Rock
Various - Легенды Poka Volume 35 (Art Rock) Mp3


2GongA Sprinkling Of Clouds8:55
3Bryan Ferry(What A) Wonderful World2:54
4EloyGliding Into Light & Knowledge - Inside10:58
5GongElephant La Cuisse3:25
6Bryan FerryThe Way You Look Tonight3:35
7GongThree Blind Mice4:47
8Bryan FerryDon't Worry Baby4:11
9 10-Planets
10EloyThe Midnight-Flight/The Victory Of Mental Force8:08
11Bryan FerryDay For Night5:39
12GongZero The Hero And The Witch's Spell9:38
13Roxy MusicLove Is the Drug4:06
14 09-Colours
15Bryan FerryMiss Otis Regrets2:40
16Peter GabrielI Have The Touch4:32
17Peter GabrielSteam6:00
18EloyIncarnation Of Legos8:47
19EloyThrough A Somber Galaxy6:00
21GongFlute Salade, Only Way, Outer Temple10:07
22Roxy MusicManifesto5:29
23Peter GabrielGrowing Up7:29
24 01 These Foolish Things 1973
25Roxy MusicSame Old Scene3:56
26GongFrom The Isle Of Every Where To The End Of The Story Of Zero The Hero12:15
28New York GongMuch Too Old2:44
29Daevid Allen's GongTime Of Your Life3:24
30Bryan FerryN.Y.C.4:10
31Roxy MusicJust Like You3:32
32Peter GabrielDarkness6:46
33EloyThe Sun-Song1:57
35GongBodilingus - Intro0:54
36Peter GabrielMercy Street6:16
37Roxy MusicIf There Is Something6:33
38Bryan FerryWalk A Mile In My Shoes4:42
39Peter GabrielFamily Snapshot4:24
40Bryan FerryGoodnight Irene3:20
41EloyFire & Ice5:10
42Bryan FerryCasanova2:46
43EloyAppearance Of The Voice4:27
44GongGivin My Love To You0:45
46Bryan FerryLimbo4:56
47Bryan FerryAvalon4:12
49Peter GabrielNo Way Out7:51
50EloyChildhood Memories6:19
51Roxy MusicGrey Lagoons4:10
52 08-Silent Cries & Mighty Echoes
54Bryan FerryPiece Of My Heart3:07
55GongGong Song4:10
56EloyShadow And Light5:21
57Roxy MusicLadytron4:20
58 18-Live 2 Infinitea
59Bryan FerryWhich Way To Turn5:43
60EloyThe Sun-Song8:33
61Roxy MusicOut Of The Blue4:25
62Bryan FerryNobody Loves Me3:22
63Bryan FerryChance Meeting3:13
64Roxy MusicThe Space Between4:28
65Peter GabrielKiss Of Life4:14
66GongTali's Song6:25
67Bryan FerryTime On My Hands3:02
68Bryan FerryShame, Shame, Shame3:14
69Bryan FerryGirl of My Best Friend3:25
70 06-Viva! The Live Roxy Music Album
73Bryan FerrySensation5:06
74EloyMemory - Flash4:56
75Bryan FerryLet's Stick Together ('88 Remix)2:54
76Bryan FerryJa Nun Hons Pris0:35
77GongOily Way3:21
78Roxy MusicCasanova3:21
79Peter GabrielDigging In The Dirt5:13
80Roxy MusicThe Thrill Of It All6:20
82Bryan FerrySan Simeon4:35
83EloyThe Last In Line3:58
84EloyFollow The Light9:47
85GongGet It Inner2:31
87GongRadio - Gnome 1 & 2 (Radio - Gnome 1 & 2 - Banana Nirvana)7:08
88Roxy MusicRain, Rain, Rain3:19
89GongFlying Teapot6:32
90Mother Gong & Daevid AllenI Am My Own Lover14:29
91Peter GabrielGames Without Frontiers4:02
92Bryan FerryMamouna5:08
93EloySay, Is It Really True4:23
94Peter GabrielWallflower6:32
95Peter GabrielThe Rhythm Of The Heat5:15
96EloyThe Stranger3:58
97Peter GabrielCome Talk To Me7:01
98Peter GabrielIntruder4:51
99 11 As Time Goes By 1999
100EloyAll Life Is One6:27
101 17-Chronicles I
102GongNight Illusion3:43
103Bryan FerryParty Doll4:29
104GongSqueezing Sponges Over Policemens Heads0:13
106GongWitch's Song, I Am Your Pussy5:06
107Bryan FerryThe 39 Steps5:01
108EloyJourney Into 13582:55
109Roxy Music2 H.B.4:26
110Daevid Allen's GongFred The Fish2:30
111GongFlying Teapot (Reprise)2:04
112GongFlute Salad2:10
113GongWhat Do You Want9:03
114Roxy MusicNo Strange Delight4:41
115GongPrincess Dreaming2:57
116GongOuter Temple1:04
117EloyWings Of Vision3:50
118Roxy MusicCan't Let Go5:37
119GongContinental Circus World4:10
120Roxy MusicWhile My Heart Is Still Beating3:24
121Roxy MusicDance Away3:40
122 04-Power And The Passion
123Bryan FerryBoys And Girls5:42
124EloyLet The Sun Rise In Your Brain3:27
125Bryan FerryWildcat Days4:35
129GongHeavy Tune6:22
130Bryan FerryAll I Want Is You2:51
131 05-Dawn
132New York GongHours Gone4:04
133Bryan FerryNew Town5:03
134Bryan FerryChain Reaction5:06
135GongThe Isle Of Everywhere10:21
136Roxy MusicEight Miles High4:54
137 05 So - 1986
138Bryan FerryRiver Of Salt1:46
139 12-Expresso II
140Peter GabrielDon't Give Up6:26
141 01-Eloy
143EloyWings of Vision (12 Version)4:14
144Bryan FerryIt's My Party1:59
145GongClarence In Wonderland4:39
146EloyEnd Of An Odyssey9:15
148 14-The Owl And The Tree
149EloyEnd Of An Odyssey9:26
150Peter GabrielI Grieve7:22
151Peter GabrielMy Head Sounds Like That6:22
152Peter GabrielShock The Monkey5:24
153GongMother's Gone1:13
154Roxy MusicBitter Sweet4:51
155Bryan FerryThe Right Stuff4:21
156Peter GabrielThat Voice Again4:49
157 05-Siren
158Roxy MusicDo The Strand3:59
159EloyFollow The Light9:38
160 13-About Time
161Peter GabrielLay Your Hands On Me6:04
162EloyA Broken Frame8:09
163Peter GabrielExcuse Me3:19
164Roxy MusicIn Every Dream Home A Heartache8:25
165Roxy MusicMy Only Love7:17
166EloyBehind The Walls Of Imagination6:26
167GongOuter Temple1:09
168GongProstitute Poem4:53
169Bryan FerryKiss & Tell4:53
171EloySpirit In Chains5:50
172EloyCompany Of Angels9:44
173Roxy MusicBitter's End2:02
174 01-Magick Brother
175New York GongMaterialism3:12
176Peter GabrielBig Time4:24
177EloyOn The Verge Of Darkening Lights5:38
178 08-Flesh And Blood
179Bryan FerryTaxi5:31
180Bryan FerryTokyo Joe3:55
181GongZero The Hero And The Orgasm Witch11:07
182Daevid Allen's GongWhite Neck Blooze5:47
183Roxy MusicStreet Life3:25
185Roxy MusicSpin Me Round5:13
186 08 The Ultimate Collection 1988
187Roxy MusicThe Bogus Man9:21
188Peter GabrielLead A Normal Life4:11
189Peter GabrielA Wonderful Day In A One-Way World3:35
190EloyGeneration Of Innocence6:08
191Bryan FerryHold On (I'm Coming)3:38
192Roxy MusicBeauty Queen4:37
193Bryan FerryWhere Or When3:17
194Roxy MusicBoth Ends Burning5:10
195GongElephant La Tete4:42
196New York GongJungle Windo(w)6:21
197EloyFatal Illusions9:20
198EloyAtlantis' Agony At June 5th - 8498, 13 P.M. - Gregoriah Earthtime14:43
199Bryan FerrySweet And Lovely3:11
200Bryan FerryThis Is Tomorrow3:36
201 07-Manifesto
203Bryan FerryI Love How You Love3:03
204GongThoughts For Naught1:32
205EloyEscape To The Heights5:09
208Roxy MusicBoth Ends Burning5:34
209Roxy MusicOut Of The Blue4:44
210GongOily Way3:37
211GongFable Of A Fredfish: Hope You Feel OK4:31
213GongChainstore Chant: Pretty Miss Titty4:49
214Bryan FerryHe'll Have To Go4:03
215Roxy MusicCry Cry Cry2:53
216GongIao Chant & Master Builder7:05
217Mother Gong &, Daevid AllenHands3:14
218EloySilent Revolution7:54
219Roxy MusicA Really Good Time3:43
220 19-Chronicles II
222EloyPrisoner In Mind4:26
223Roxy MusicEditions Of You4:11
224EloyThoughts Of Home1:05
225Peter GabrielFlotsam And Jetsam2:18
226 15-Rarities
227Bryan FerrySeptember Song3:01
228 03-Stranded
229Roxy MusicFlesh And Blood3:07
231 15-Shapeshifter
233Mother Gong & Daevid AllenThe Owly Song6:35
234Peter GabrielOn The Air5:29
235Peter GabrielPerspective3:25
236 02-Bananamoon
237GongConfiture De Rhubarbier1:19
238Roxy MusicIndia1:45
239Peter GabrielHere Comes The Flood5:33
240 11-Live Etc
241EloyThe Bells Of Notre Dame6:37
242Roxy MusicMore Than This4:30
243Roxy MusicA Song For Europe5:42
244 07-Live
245Peter GabrielStart1:21
246Bryan FerryIt Ain't Me Babe3:57
249Bryan FerryCan't Let Go5:12
250 20-Ocean 2 - The Answer
251Roxy MusicLove Is The Drug3:52
252EloyIn Disguise4:29
253Bryan FerryJust One Look3:32
254GongYou Can't Kill Me6:56
255GongYou Can't Kill Me5:52
256GongMr. Albert Parkin0:18
257GongGnome The Second0:26
258EloyPoseidon's Creation11:46
260Bryan Ferry2 HB3:10
263Gong5 & 20 Schoolgirls4:30
264Roxy MusicBogus Man7:07
265GongCaptain Capricorns Dream Saloon - Radio Gnome Invisible12:01
266Roxy MusicFor Your Pleasure6:50
267Roxy MusicTriptych3:09
268GongOther Side Of The Sky7:40
269Roxy MusicTo Turn You On4:12
270EloyThe Answer11:18
271EloyEclipse Of Mankind6:28
272Daevid Allen's GongStoned Innocent Frankenstein3:23
273Roxy MusicJust Another High6:08
274GongInvisible Temple9:07
275 11-Heart Still Beating [Live]
276Mother Gong & Daevid AllenUnseen Ally4:11
277EloyChild Migration7:18
278Peter GabrielSecret World6:57
279Mother Gong & Daevid AllenLament For The Future Of The Forest3:38
280 16-Destination
281EloyThrough A Somber Galaxy5:16
282 02-For Your Pleasure
283EloySeeds Of Creation4:28
284Bryan FerryYou Won't See Me2:30
285GongYou Can't Kill Me6:17
286GongRadio Gnome Direct Broadcast0:53
287EloyThe Day Of Crimson Skies4:59
288Roxy MusicTo Turn You On4:13
289 07 Bete Noire1987
290GongI've Been Stoned Before Mister O Mother6:38
291Bryan FerryLove Me Madly Again7:25
292EloySong Of A Paranoid Soldier4:38
293Roxy MusicTrue to Life4:20
295GongWhere Have All The Flowers Gone3:03
296Peter GabrielRed Rain5:34
297Bryan FerryYou Are My Sunshine6:46
298 Eloy
299Bryan FerryThe Price Of Love3:22
300GongYoni On Mars6:05
301Bryan FerryBecause You're Mine1:42
302Bryan FerryTokyo Joe3:54
304 04-Continental Circus
305GongEst-Ce Que Je Suis4:16
306Bryan FerryAll Tomorrow's Parties5:31
307Peter GabrielBlood Of Eden6:30
308GongDynamite - I Am Your Animal5:44
309Mother Gong & Daevid AllenI Am A Tree4:40
310Peter GabrielSolsbury Hill4:20
311Bryan FerryThe Only Face4:40
312Bryan FerryZamba3:00
313Roxy MusicCould It Happen To Me?3:32
314Roxy MusicMy Little Girl3:16
316GongI Never Glid Before5:36
317GongCan You: You Can9:10
318 02-Inside
319Bryan FerryAmazing Grace4:01
320Roxy MusicSunset6:03
321GongMister Pyxie (Mister Pyxie - Bad De Grass Sax)5:36
322GongRadio Gnome Invisible2:36
323Roxy MusicStill Falls The Rain4:12
324Roxy MusicDance Away3:44
325GongDynamite: I Am Your Animal4:33
326GongInner Temple2:34
327GongMagdalene - Intro2:15
329 16-Live At Sheffield '74
330GongRational Anthem3:45
331GongGlad To Say To Say4:09
333EloyMysterious Monolith6:10
334Peter GabrielAnd Through The Wire4:56
335EloyPilot To Paradise7:04
336GongOily Way11:13
337Roxy MusicWould You Believe3:50
338Peter GabrielD.I.Y.2:35
339Bryan FerryYour Painted Smile3:14
341EloyAtlantis Agony At June 5th - 8498, 13 P.M.15:37
343EloyUp And Down8:24
344 09-Gazeuse!
345EloyTime To Turn3:33
346GongParkin Triumphant0:07
347EloyPrisoner In Mind4:27
348Roxy MusicSea Breezes6:59
349EloyEscape To The Heights4:53
350 Peter Gabriel
351Bryan FerryI Thought5:41
352Roxy MusicSerenade2:55
353GongMystic Sister: Magick Brother5:54
354Bryan FerryWhen Somebody Thinks...2:57
356 10-The High Road
357GongI've Bin Stone Before2:37
358GongGoddess Invocation/Om Riff12:58
359EloyInvasion Of A Megaforce7:43
361GongCat In Clark's Shoes7:41
362Bryan FerryI Put A Spell On You5:25
363Bryan FerryThe Tracks Of My Tears3:02
364EloyVoice Of Revolution3:08
365Roxy MusicMy Only Love5:14
366Bryan FerryThat's How Strong My Love Is3:15
367Roxy MusicDo The Strand4:00
368Bryan FerryLover Come Back To Me2:53
369Bryan FerryYou Go To My Head2:41
370Bryan FerryAnother Time, Another Place4:44
371EloyDillis Roady6:32
372GongCastle In The Clouds1:12
374GongShadows Of7:47
375Bryan FerryLoving You Is Sweeter Than Eve3:04
376EloyLe Reveil Du Soleil/The Dawn6:46
377Peter GabrielSan Jacinto6:26
378Bryan FerryFalling In Love Again2:26
379Roxy MusicThe Main Thing3:51
380Peter GabrielThis Is The Picture4:15
382Peter GabrielThe Family And The Fishing Net7:05
383Roxy MusicThe Bob (Medley)5:45
384GongInner Temple (Zero Meets The Octave Doctor)6:02
385GongSnake Tablas0:34
386 12-Bonus Tracks
387Roxy MusicWhirlwind3:33
388Peter GabrielFourteen Black Paintings4:34
389EloyCarried By Cosmic Winds4:33
390GongBlues For Findlay11:19
391Bryan FerryLet's Stick Together2:59
392Peter Gabriel Sky Blue6:36
393EloyBetween The Times1:50
394GongIsle Of Everywhere10:25
395Bryan FerryDont Think Twice, It's All Right4:04
396GongDeep In The Sky5:09
397Roxy MusicJealous Guy4:48
398Roxy MusicA Song For Europe6:23
399Bryan FerrySame Old Blues3:18
400GongThe Invisible Temple11:34
401GongEat That Phone Book Coda3:10
402GongRadio Gnome Invisible5:32
403Bryan FerryWindswept4:31
404Roxy MusicNightingale4:06
405Peter GabrielMore Than This5:56
406Daevid Allen's GongI Am A Bowl2:45
407Bryan FerryDon't Want To Know4:07
408EloyMysterious Monolith7:40
409Roxy MusicMother Of Pearl6:53
410GongFohat Digs Holes In Space6:22
411EloyReflections From The Spheres Beyond13:01
412Bryan FerryBete Noire4:57
413Bryan FerryHelp Me Make It Through The Ni4:16
414Roxy MusicLike A Hurricane7:48
415 04-Country Life
416 05-Flying Teapot (Radio Gnome Invisible Pt. 1)
417Peter GabrielOnly Us6:29
418GongThe Mad Monk3:30
419Bryan FerryCarrickfergus3:43
420Bryan FerryLove Is The Drug4:03
421Peter GabrielSignal To Noise7:29
422Bryan FerryThese Foolish Things5:36
423Bryan FerryA Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall5:20
424Bryan FerryCruel3:55
427Bryan FerryGoin Down3:07
428GongCrystal Machine9:01
429Roxy MusicTrash2:10
431EloyVoyager Of The Future Race6:28
432Daevid Allen's GongAll I Want Is Out Of Here4:50
433Roxy MusicAvalon4:13
434GongMange Ton Calepin3:41
435GongZero The Hero & The Witch 's Spell10:04
436GongYoni On Mars6:58
437Roxy MusicThree And Nine4:00
438 04 In Your Mind 1977
439Peter GabrielAnimal Magic3:27
441Bryan FerryIt's Only Love3:47
442GongWise Man In Your Heart8:02
443Peter GabrielMoribund the Burgermeister 4:17
444EloyPlastic Girl9:08
445 03 Let's Stick Together 1976
446Bryan FerryDon't Ever Change2:13
447Bryan FerrySign Of The Times2:27
448GongGive My Mother A Soul Call4:03
449Roxy MusicEditions Of You3:46
450EloyJeanne D'Arc7:35
451EloyBetween Future And Past2:43
452Bryan FerryDon't Stop The Dance4:21
453New York GongI Am A Freud1:45
454Peter GabrielHome Sweet Home4:39
455GongThe Octave Doctors And The Crystal Machine1:48
456Peter GabrielDown The Dolce Vita5:06
457Peter GabrielThe Drop2:59
458Daevid Allen's GongMemories3:37
459 01-Roxy Music
460Bryan FerryAs Time Goes By2:34
461Roxy MusicPrairie Rose5:11
462GongInnter Temple2:36
463Roxy MusicBoth Ends Burning4:47
464EloyRo Setau7:10
465GongZero The Hero And The Witch's Spell9:27
466 03-Camembert Electrique
467Roxy MusicDance Away3:48
468GongWingful Of Eyes6:20
469 18-The Tides Return Forever
470 06 Boys And Girls 1985
471GongPerfect Mystery2:27
472Roxy MusicPyjamarama3:37
473GongTropical Fish - Selene11:43
474GongZero The Hero & The Witch's Spell11:06
475Peter GabrielMother Of Violence3:25
477Peter GabrielWashing Of The Water3:49
478GongRadio Gnome0:27
479GongInner Temple5:15
480EloyAwakening Of Consciousness6:04
481EloyTime To Turn4:33
482EloySay, Is It Really True4:45
483Bryan FerrySlave To Love4:23
485EloyThe Flash5:34
486Mother Gong & Daevid AllenLa Dea Mardi7:03
487EloyGliding Into Light And Knowledge4:17
488Bryan FerryJealous Guy6:11
490Roxy MusicSerenade.mp3.TEMP1:27
491EloyWaves Of Intuition4:57
492 06 Us - 1992
493 13-Metromania
494EloyThe Stranger4:01
495EloyQueen Of The Night5:23
496New York GongStrong Woman4:30
497EloyThe Apocalypse11:03
498GongFlying Teapot11:49
499GongA P.H.P.'s Advice1:48
500New York GongBlack September4:03
501EloyPoseidon's Creation11:29
502Bryan FerryYou Do Something To Me2:47
503EloyDecay Of The Logos8:17
504Bryan FerryRock Of Ages4:28
505 12 Frantic 2002
506Bryan FerryThe Chosen One4:52
507GongTiticaca (Titicaca - Flute Coda)10:27
508GongCan't Kill Me7:53
509Gong6-8 Tune3:49
510Bryan FerryI'm In The Mood For Love4:17
511EloyPoint Of No Return5:45
512Roxy MusicIn Every Dream Home A Heartache5:26
513EloyPoseidons Creation11:41
514Roxy MusicIf There Is Something10:38
516Bryan FerryWhen She Walks In The Room6:21
517 07-You
518 02 II - 1978
519GongLove Is How Y Make It3:26
521Roxy MusicAll I Want Is You2:54
522GongLonghaired Tablas0:14
523Roxy MusicRunning Wild5:00
524EloyThe Apocalypse14:56
525EloyParalysed Civilization9:30
526Bryan FerryThe 'In' Crowd4:33
528Bryan FerryDance Away3:43
529GongPercolations - Part 1 & Part 210:00
530Bryan FerrySea Breezes6:10
531Bryan FerryRescue Me3:38
532Bryan FerrySeven Deadly Sins5:09
533EloyThe Dance In Doubt & Fear7:34
534 08-Shamal
535Daevid Allen's Gong& His Adventures In The Land Of Flip12:02
536 11-Time To Turn
537Bryan FerryA Waste Land1:01
538Roxy MusicRe-Make/Re-Model5:11
539GongThe Pot Head Pixies2:59
540Roxy MusicOver You3:28
541 14-Ra
542EloySomething Yellow8:13
543GongWet Cheese Delirium0:29
544Bryan FerryRe-Make-Re-Model2:42
545Peter GabrielModern Love3:35
546EloyLost (The Decision)5:02
547Roxy MusicTara1:36
548EloyVoyager Of The Future Race8:58
549 19-Zero To Infinity
550Roxy MusicStronger Though The Years6:09
551Bryan FerryIts All Over Now, Baby Blue4:05
552Bryan FerryGemini Moon3:48
553Roxy MusicShe Sells3:35
554Roxy MusicMy Only Love7:48
555Peter GabrielWhite Shadow5:17
559Bryan FerryValentine3:48
560Roxy MusicTake A Chance With Me4:41
561GongTropical Fish3:42
562GongWhite Doves5:24
563EloyBack Into The Present3:08
564EloyThe Zany Magician2:36
565 17-The Peel Sessions '71-'74
566Bryan FerryA Fool For Love4:43
567GongYou Can't Kill Me6:24
568EloyReturn Of The Voice5:20
569Roxy MusicJealous Guy6:39
570EloyFire And Ice5:10
571EloyChild Migration4:02
572GongSprinkling Of Clouds4:48
573GongOoby-Scooby Doomsday Or The D-Day Dj's Got The D.D.T. Blues5:07
574Roxy MusicAmazona4:13
575GongCrystal Gnome (Crystal Gnome - Gnomophone - Bamboule - Gnomofaune)11:06
576 01 Gong
578 06-Ocean
579 06-Angel's Egg (Radio Gnome Invisible Pt. 2)
580Mother Gong & Daevid AllenTudor Love Poem4:59
581 07 Up - 2004
582Roxy MusicIf It Takes All Night3:09
583EloyMagic Mirrors5:25
584Bryan FerryTake Me To The River4:28
585Bryan FerryThis Is Tomorrow3:34
586GongTried So Hard4:39
587Roxy MusicPyjamarama2:52
588GongCos You Got Green Hair5:05
589 12-Performance
590Bryan FerryOne Way Love3:05
592Bryan FerryAll Night Operator3:07
593Bryan FerryWhat Goes On4:08
594Peter GabrielLove To Be Loved5:14
595EloyDe Labore Solis5:12
596Bryan FerryGoddess Of Love3:32
597Roxy MusicChance Meeting2:59
598Roxy MusicImpossible Guitar3:42
599Peter GabrielWe Do What We're Told3:16
600Roxy MusicSentimental Fool6:12
601Bryan FerryHiroshima3:15
602Bryan FerryFigerpoppin'3:35
603GongGolden Dilema4:51
604EloyAll Life Is One6:29
605Bryan FerryHelp Me4:36
606EloyLove Over Six Centuries10:09
607Peter GabrielNo Self Control3:51
608GongMagick Mother Invocation2:07
610Roxy MusicLike A Hurricane7:44
611GongMister Long Shanks: O Mother I Am Your Fantasy5:58
612 10-Gong Est Mort
613Bryan FerryStone Woman4:57
614GongMaster Builder6:06
615EloyThe Tides Return Forever6:37
616EloyLand Of No Body17:21
619Peter GabrielBiko7:25
620GongWet Drum Sandwich3:29
621 01 I - 1977
622Bryan FerryDon't Stop The Dance4:20
623EloyOn The Road2:31
624GongMaster Builder5:57
625Peter GabrielWaiting For The Big One7:14
626Bryan FerryIn Your Mind5:13
627EloyThe Light From Deep Darkness14:39
628Peter GabrielIndigo3:32
629GongMagick Brother4:47
630 04 IV - 1982
631Peter GabrielThe Barry Williams Show7:13
632Bryan FerryJust One Of Those Things2:44
633Peter GabrielIn Your Eyes5:23
636Bryan FerryAngel Eyes3:04
637EloyIncarnation Of The Logos8:25
638 10 Mamouna 1994
639 03 III - 1980
640Bryan FerryAnswer Me2:47
641Bryan FerryBaby I Don't Care1:51
642EloyRacing Shadows7:12
643 Bryan Ferry
644Peter GabrielKiss That Frog5:14
645GongThe Mad Monk3:25
646Roxy MusicOut Of The Blue4:43
648Roxy MusicAin't That So5:35
649GongBlues For Findlay (Instrumental)9:39
650GongDamaged Man5:12
651 04 Roxy Music
652 02 Another Time Another Place 1974
653Bryan FerryEasy Living2:16
654GongRaindrop Tablas0:21
656Peter GabrielExposure4:15
657GongRadio Gnome Invisible7:34
658Bryan FerryFunny How Time Slips Away3:28
659GongFlying Tea-Pot (Flying Tea-Pot - Out Of Space)5:00
660Peter GabrielHumdrum3:24
662GongSpirit With Me2:25
663Peter GabrielSlowburn4:34
664EloyThe Dance In Doubt And Fear1:13
665EloyIsle Of Sun6:05
666EloyCall Of The Wild7:01
667 09-Avalon
668Bryan FerryThe 'In' Crowd4:34
670 09 Taxi 1993
672EloyCastle In The Air7:16
673GongYou Never Blow Your Trip For Ever8:24
674Roxy MusicEnd Of The Line5:14
676GongSold To The Highest Buddha4:25
677GongTropical Fish: Selene7:37
678Roxy MusicOh Yeah!4:50
679EloyLost (Introduction)1:08
680EloySilent Cries9:05
681EloyAt The Gates Of Dawn4:18
682EloyMighty Echoes7:14
683Bryan FerryThe Price Of Love3:25
684Bryan FerryOne Kiss3:36
685Peter GabrielSledgehammer5:07
686Bryan FerrySympathy For The Devil5:48
687Peter GabrielI Don't Remember4:36
688 05 The Bride Stripped Bare 1978
689Bryan FerrySmoke Gets In Your Eyes2:54
690New York GongPreface1:29
691Bryan FerryThis Island Earth5:01
692Roxy MusicChance Meeting3:03
693Roxy MusicAngel Eyes3:32
694EloyFuture City5:36
696Bryan FerryHeart On My Sleeve3:26
697Peter GabrielNot One Of Us5:19
698Bryan FerryLove Me Or Leave Me2:43
699Bryan FerryThe Name Of The Game5:27
700Roxy MusicVirginia Plain2:56
701 03-Floating
702Roxy MusicCan't Let Go5:20
703Bryan FerryWill You Love Me Tomorrow4:17
704Roxy MusicPsalm8:02
706GongHeaven's Gate4:50
707New York GongO My Photograph9:09
708GongYou Never Blow Yr Trip Forever11:20
709Roxy MusicStrictly Confidential3:45


MP3 On DVD, Tracks: 639, Total Time: 54.09.53

Track 504 Tagged As Album: Avalon
Track 505 to 507 Tagged As Album: Street Life: 20 Greatest Hits


  • Barcode (Text): 2 203947 143535
  • Other (Disc Label, Mould Runout): ООО "Медиа-Лайн". Лицензия МПТР России ВАФ №77-12 от 02.10.02
  • Matrix / Runout: BB-G64782
  • Mastering SID Code: none
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  • Manufactured By – Медиа-Лайн
  • Record Company – FullHouse Records
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