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Inca Eyeball - One Pound Fifty Mp3

  • Performer: Inca Eyeball
  • Album: One Pound Fifty
  • Label: Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers
  • MP3: 2905 mb | FLAC: 2771 mb
  • Released: 1996
  • Country: UK
  • Style: Lo-Fi, Free Improvisation
  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Votes: 434
  • Category: Jazz / Rock
Inca Eyeball - One Pound Fifty Mp3


1Show Me
3Mandy (The Prequel)
4What's The Toilet Song Story?
5Cover My Chest With Your Pretty Breast
6Throwing Muses
7Hey Joe
8Tree Leaf, Tea Leaf, Sea
9The Day I Kissed Your Significant Other On The Mouth
13Piss In It
14Egg With Soldiers Is Militaristic Propaganda
15Shot In The Bollocks
16Your Husband Has Just Died II
17Foot Lice Will Set You Free
18The Intimidation Of The Brothers
19There's Something Wrong With Your Body, There's Something Wrong With Your Mind
20So Peaceful
22Bad Jokes Told By Kissen-Mouth Gym Instructor, No Lies + Flies On Them...
24W.W.W. (We Write The Words)
25Clint, Howard And Me
26Oh The Pence
27Disco For My Cock
28Bleeding Hot And Cold
29Sid Got One
30I'm So Perfect (Now)
31Bogshed II
32Blamed For The 80's Revival
33You Have Just Died
34Two Backs
35The Day I Kissed A Ponce On The Mouth
36Song Penned By The Respective Vocalist On The Eve Of February The 28th 1996 For The Purpose Of Being Recorded By Inca Eyeball At An As Yet Unspecified Point In THe Future (This Date May Or May Not Be Noted Down Elsewhere) For Inclusion On A Mooted Inca Eyeball Release To Be Heard By The Listener On The Date Of _____ (Please Fill In The Blanks) For The First Time And Possibly On Various Other Occasions Too
37Musical Campaign For The Removal Of Authoritarian And Humourless Printers At Manchester Metropolitan University Who Have No Comprehension Of The Underground Vernacular
38I'll Be The Witch, You'll Be The Broom
39Bag Seep
40I'm Sorry But We've Just Died
41Another Song About Beaky And What He Did To Me
42Body Belt (Ed Forever)
43Body Mess
44Today You Don't Live
46Rubbish Tips
47Mistaken For A Mollusc
48Spot On Dog
49Northern Vale
50My Choice
52Mistaken For A Map Of Macclesfield
54Wet Cloth Ahoy
55My Artistic Temperament, Looking At The Good Pictures In My Sordid Living Room
56Language Of The Gutter Elevated To The Status Of Art
57Rham, Lay
58My Voice Upsets The Cats
59They Do This With Their Hands III
60Shopping Music
61Me, McCarthy, Cusack And Spader
62Wet Thumb
63Was (Not Was) II
64Dirty Version Of 'Wonderwall' By Special Unrequest
65Clitoris E.S.P.
66H.I.V. Positive Is Nothing
67The Day I Kissed Les Hill On The Lips
68Having A...
69The Dya I Kissed David Thewlis On The Mouth II
72Cop Off
73Horrid Dismembered Corpse II
74Throwing Muses II
75Moss Doctor
76Tweezer Made A Hol
77I've Gone Over...
78Rhys, Arkle, Limp Terrence And I
79Was (Not Was)
80Bit On An Apple Full Of Caps, Say Your Worst And The World's Collapsed
82Oh Joe II