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Various - 10th Anniversary Collection Mp3

  • Performer: Various
  • Album: 10th Anniversary Collection
  • Label: Corbel Stone Press
  • MP3: 2026 mb | FLAC: 2688 mb
  • Released: Jan 2016
  • Country: UK
  • Style: Ambient, Folk, Drone
  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Votes: 661
  • Category: Electronic / Classical / Country & Folk
Various - 10th Anniversary Collection Mp3


1SaddlebackGerroa Thursday6:15
2RiftmusicRiftmusic (Part Two)20:47
3 SRL16 - Marking Time
4A Broken ConsortAnd All Their Silver & Gold7:56
5Richard SkeltonRiver Song6:38
6 SRL17 - Wolfrahm
8Richard SkeltonFord8:16
9 SRL15 - From Which The River Rises
10Richard SkeltonÆsc (First Branch)19:37
11A Broken ConsortLike Rain2:49
12Richard SkeltonBlack Combe6:25
13A Broken ConsortThe Elder Lie6:56
15CarousellAnd The Orchard3:01
16Richard SkeltonNoon Hill Wood (Revisited)25:18
17Richard SkeltonHeys7:32
18Richard SkeltonScar Tissue1:56
19Richard SkeltonLarch Light20:23
21A Broken ConsortIn The Hanged Air7:28
22A Broken ConsortBeneath4:22
23HarlassenAn Eddy Of The Blood14:58
24Richard SkeltonThe Shape Leaves7:02
25Richard SkeltonStake5:28
26 SRL13 - Black Swallow & Other Songs
29A Broken ConsortThe River Beneath19:54
31HarlassenBlues (I)10:36
32Richard SkeltonCarr6:32
34HeidikaGravity Falls3:41
35 SRL09 - Crow Autumn (Part One)
36A Broken ConsortSomething Fell11:28
37A Broken ConsortMountains Ash12:10
38 SRL03 - A Way Now
39CarousellOf Old Enchantments4:35
40 SRL18 - Crow Autumn (Collected)
41Richard SkeltonNoon Hill Wood8:27
42A Broken ConsortSomething Fell11:37
43Richard SkeltonUndertow6:27
44HeidikaLimn (Original Version)3:10
45A Broken ConsortSeverance5:20
46Richard SkeltonShore7:02
47A Broken ConsortThe River13:45
49HarlassenWhat The River Said14:58
50 SRL12 - Crow Autumn (Part Two)
51CarousellThe Clearing (Alternate Version)7:58
52A Broken ConsortDay Reveals1:12
53A Broken ConsortThe River13:37
54Richard SkeltonGrange3:13
55A Broken ConsortThe Elder Lie7:34
56 SRL10 - Tide Of Bells & The Sea
57Richard SkeltonThreads Across The River8:20
58 SRL21 - Rapture
59A Broken ConsortLeaves4:47
60CarousellAgain Itself10:34
61HarlassenA Way Now8:40
63CarousellOwl Lanterns6:23
64A Broken ConsortA Momentary Sun (Reprise)14:54
65HeidikaLimn (Reworked)3:15
66 SRL20 - Skura
67 SRL05 - The Shape Leaves
68 SRL07 - Box Of Birch (1st Edition)
69A Broken ConsortBeneath4:03
70Richard SkeltonRemaindered5:34
72HarlassenBlues (IV)10:36
73 AS004 - Form Themselves Into Streams
74HeidikaTide Of Bells19:18
75 AS002 - Ivystrung
77Machinefabriek & Richard SkeltonDaas7:42
78Richard SkeltonRapture2:01
79CarousellBlack Swallow5:52
80ClouwbeckBlack Sands2:23
81Richard SkeltonBrook7:58
82A Broken ConsortWeight Of Days8:42
83Richard SkeltonLowe3:19
84HeidikaBark, Xylem6:24
85Richard SkeltonThe Shape Leaves (Early Version)6:54
86Richard SkeltonEdge5:50
87ClouwbeckThe Water's Burden16:16
88A Broken ConsortWeight Of Days9:12
89 AS003 - An Ash-Tree Which The Ignorant Call Holy
90CarousellA Stone Ploy8:45
91A Broken ConsortA Sundering Path10:08
92ClouwbeckCome The Aegir16:30
93Richard SkeltonGreen Withins Brook4:27
94Richard SkeltonThe Black Water7:50
95 AS005 - The Neckar Blues
96HeidikaThere Is No Cure3:51
97A Broken ConsortA Sundering Path10:10
99HarlassenBlues (III)12:12
101 SRL04 - Landings
102Richard SkeltonBurning5:30
103Richard SkeltonThe Black Dub7:58
104 SRL11 - Box Of Birch (2nd Edition)
105CarousellStolen Ground35:28
106RiftmusicRiftmusic (Part One)19:54
107Richard SkeltonThe Bitter Shore5:20
108A Broken ConsortA Mercy Kill19:40
109A Broken ConsortFor Nothing2:34
110CarousellWhich Is The Blood4:27
111Richard SkeltonPariah4:43
112A Broken ConsortMountains Ash12:17
113Richard SkeltonVoice Of The Book7:27
114A Broken ConsortA Momentary Sun4:16
115 SRL08 - A Moraine
116 AS001 - Riftmusic (Part Two)
117 SRL02 - A Dead Bridges Into Dust
118 SRL06 - Riftmusic
120Richard SkeltonFold6:22
121A Broken ConsortSeverance, Part Two7:12
122 SRL01 Heidika - There Is No Cure & Other Songs
123CarousellOf Something Lost5:59
124A Broken ConsortA Mercy Kill5:51
125Richard SkeltonBark, Xylem (Unabridged)12:06
126CarousellThe Clearing4:02
127 SRL19 - Dyad
129 SRL14 - Landings
130Richard SkeltonBurn4:35
131Richard SkeltonRapture (Reprise)36:16
133A Broken ConsortThe Longing Day6:32
134Richard SkeltonOf The Last Generation7:07
135Richard SkeltonÆsc (Third Branch)19:37


Re-release of the limited edition 10th Anniversary Collection as a regular edition on a wooden, engraved USB flash drive.
Included are five reviews as PDF files.

The folders are named as following:
"1 - Sustain-Release 2005-2011" (releases SRL01 to SRL21)
"2 - Archival Series" (releases AS001 to AS005)
"3 - Notes" (the reviews)